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Lin Nie

My name is Lin Nie. I'm a user researcher and cognitive psychologist who loves solving product challenges. I work across fields, which is a blessing and a curse.

In recent years, I've focused on differentiating AI products through user experience (UX) and applying psychological explanations to how people interact with stuff - both software and hardware. I currently work at Peloton. Prior to that, I worked on human-AI collaboration problems at Dataminr, and consulted for Fortune 100 companies at AnswerLab. I have a Ph.D. in experimental psychology and a cat named Mao.

I have published works on a range of topics including human computer interaction (HCI), embodied cognition, conversation design, and visual perception. Much of my research argues that thinking doesn’t rely on the brain or genes alone, but how our bodies interact with the world around us.

I'm inspired by comedian Ali Wong, writer Chanel Miller, musician Michelle Zauner, chef Missy Robbins, DJ Honey Dijon, my friends and the New York City. Offline, you'll find me dancing, converting basic drinkers to woke cocktail lovers and cooking elaborate meals with simple ingredients. This blog is a creative outlet. I write about whatever feels real, challenging, and important.

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Thoughts on Oscar Films (1/2)

I'm writing as I prepare the smorgasbord for tonight's Oscar.  I'm in that peaceful period between the weekend celebration winding down and the Sunday scaries kicking in. I did not plan to spend Sunday afternoon writing a blog post. But three things happened just now. I received a text from